I am a theater and opera director who specializes in interdisciplinary, experimental, and site-specific work.   Whether involving unusual spaces, uncanny collaborations, foreign languages,  or bold source material, challenging projects are something I look, for and I am committed to making work that is aesthetically visceral, intellectually challenging, and emotionally unafraid.  

Having lived in the US, UK, Philippines and France, and having grown up in a Chinese-Buddhist/Spanish-Filipino-Catholic household, I see both the familiar and the foreign in most places and have a unique anchor into a mosaic of languages and experiences.  

 My approach integrates a wide spectrum of influences, and the environments I create often play with different spatial and temporal rules and poetic visual vocabularies, tending toward the abstract or otherworldly. 

Thoughtful investigation of raw emotional life, a respect for the power of structure and form, investment in ensemble, and a deep sense of wonder and play drive my process.  I passionately believe in theater’s power to expand the boundaries of our understanding, and consider every production an opportunity to test imaginative suppleness, practice expansive thinking, and ask provocative questions that linger past the time and space of the performance.